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September 2015 Update

September 2015 Update


September is in full swing and the end of the year fast approaching and there are many exciting things happening in the life of our centre! With all the ‘busy-ness’ we face week to week, we’ve been reminded recently to take a moment to pause, rest and be thankful. A psalm in the Bible echoes this sentiment – “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

We recently took the opportunity to do this, with Kindergarten 2 hosting a family BBQ. We were blessed to see the turn out that we did and we enjoyed getting to know you all that little bit more. A huge thank you to Miss Susan and Miss Claire for taking the initiative and organising for us all to enjoy this time together!

Please take the time to read through some news and reminders below.

Be blessed!

Ori, on behalf of Linda, Vickie and the Isle of Capri Early Learning Centre


Thank You!

Thank you so much for your participation in Early Childhood Educator’s Day!!! The educators were blown away by your generosity and well wishes. We really appreciate you helping us encourage and thank them for all their hard work.


Medications and Lotions

“In the interest of children’s safety and well-being, this Service shall only administer medication if it is in its original container with the dispensing label attached listing the child as the prescribed person, strength of drug and the frequency it is to be given. This applies to all medications, regardless of whether they are non-prescribed (such as teething gels, nappy creams, cough medicines, etc) or prescribed (antibiotics etc).”  – From our policies

For clarification: If you require the educators to apply any lotion or administer any medication, ALL lotions (personal sunscreen, insect repellent, nappy cream,  paw-paw ointment etc) and medications (including Demazin, Panadol, Nurofen, etc.) MUST come labelled by a pharmacist with your child’s name and dosage/use. Without the proper labels we are unable to give anything to your child.



If you child has a fever over 38 deg and we are unable to reach you, it would be helpful to have your permission to administer one dose of panadol to help bring the fever down. We will be approaching you soon to see if you would like to sign a permission form for this.



We’re back on Facebook! Head on over and like our page so you can keep up to date with things happening in the life of the centre.


Allergy Aware Centre

Remind everyone that we are an “Allergy Aware” centre, and that we currently have a child who can have anaphylactic reaction to nuts. Please make sure no nuts or nut products are brought to the centre.


Christmas Concert

This year’s Christmas Concert is on Friday 18th December at 5pm at Newlife Uniting Church. The Centre will close at 3pm to allow you to prepare you children for the big event. Each room will participate by performing an item on stage, the Kindergarten 2 children will graduate, and then we have a party afterwards, with face painting, jumping castle, free sausage sizzle and ice blocks, photo booth etc. It will be a great family time, filled with fun and celebration.


Ezi-Debit & Red Oxygen

In an effort to streamline our accounting, we will be asking all Ezi-Debit families to see Vickie about changing their billing day to a Friday. This will require completing a new form.

We would like to establish a bulk SMS (text message) service that we can use to alert you to upcoming events or important messages. To do this, we require a signed permission form for you to join up. Vickie will chat with you soon. Please feel free to ask her any questions.


Carpark etiquette

Just a friendly reminder that we’d appreciate everyone driving slowly in the carpark.


Ocean Stars are Visiting

Ocean Stars will be coming on Tuesday 27th October to show the children a variety of sea creatures and talk about how we should care for them and our oceans. Keep your eyes peeled for another of those pesky permission forms to sign. If your child doesn’t attend on the Tuesday, you may bring them in and stay with them for the presentation.