Developing a
Love of Learning

We partner with families to help children
develop a love of learning.

Quality Early Childhood
Care and Education in Enriched Learning Environments

We are committed to providing the highest quality, family orientated childcare by nurturing children in an environment of Christian love that is conducive to creative play and developing a love of learning in every child.

The Isle of Capri Early Learning Centre will have the autonomy to develop an inclusive program that meets the individual developmental needs of all children, the needs of all families and the needs of local community. We will strive for continuous improvement and excellent standards by working as a team, communicating openly and undertaking ongoing professional development.

Our classrooms offer a range of stimulating resources, activities and age-appropriate developmental experiences. So whatever your early learning needs, our family at Isle of Capri look forward to meeting you and your family. We welcome you to stop by, call or email to enquire or to arrange a personalised tour of the centre, at your convenience.

Service Philosophy

Growth Pillars –

– Governance
– Learning/Curriculum
– Educators (practitioners)
– Little people (children)
– Communication/language
– Family
– Relationships
– Environment
– Community

Our Story –
Our primary Service is to support little people to be the very best they can be. Our goal is to offer
environments where all our stakeholders feel a sense of ease, comfort and have a trusting knowledge in the professionalism and the capabilities of all staff.

Governance –
We uphold processes that are clearly and concisely written. Guided by legislation, Service policy, procedure and practice. We uphold a thorough and attentive to detail enrolment process.
We advocate for the professional development and conduct of our Educators; guided by the United Nations Rights of the Child Charter and the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics.
Our professional integrity and conduct is modelled throughout leadership and management.

Learning/Curriculum –
We believe learning is a lifelong process.
We believe learning is a social and shared process.
We believed that little people benefit from a range of teaching and learning strategies.
We believe learning experiences must be meaningful and purposeful.
We believe each child brings their unique background and breadth of experience to their learning.

Educators/Practitioner’s –
We are absolutely committed to the ongoing development of a highly and diversely qualified educational
practitioners team who each possess detailed knowledge about young children.
Our educational practitioners are guided in a purposeful manner by our Educational Leader, mentors and
colleagues in the design and delivery of the learning program.

Qualities valued and upheld by the team at IOCELC include –

– Fairness
– Inclusivity
– Compassion
– Innovation
– Reflection
– Passion
– Honesty
– Integrity
– Respect

Little People/ (our children) –

We believe in our Little People, support them as unique individuals, who all have a natural ability to think,
wonder, create, reason, and imagine.
We believe in Little People and support them to be capable and competent beings.
We believe Little People must learn at their own pace.
We believe that Little People MUST feel safe, secure, responsible, respected and supported in their discoveries
of life.

Communication –
We believe effective communication is fundamental to our work.
We believe respectful and appropriate communication with our Little People is of particular importance.
We believe frequent communication is integral to community.

Families –
We value the important role that family plays in the life of each child.
We value the diversity present within our community.
We respect the intricate and detailed knowledge that families have of their children.
We welcome and value involvement and presence.
Relationships –
We believe that healthy relationships are fundamental to the well-being of all stakeholders.
We believe the relationships built with each child is critical to who we are, what we do.

Environments –
Contemporary theories and research recognise and value the environment as a third teacher. Behind
educators and families, physical spaces hold the potential to influence what and how children learn.
We believe environments must be inclusive of all children.
We advocate that every child has the right at all times to feel safe and secure.

Community –
We believe and advocate for the subtle philosophies of Christianity.
We believe there are positive outcomes for children and families when a strong, accepting and diverse
community is present.

IOCELC is connected to a wider community.
We utilise agencies and mentors of our local community as a resource.

In conclusion.
We believe in the unique and special time of Early Childhood.
We value the opportunity we have to be a positive influence on Little People’s wellbeing, development and education.We continue to strive for excellence and be a Service of the highest integrity and quality.

January 2018.

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