Learning Enhancements

Learning enhancements create rich learning.

Computer Lab offers a series of interactive educational games incorporating counting, colours, alphabet, hand eye coordination and much more.

Computer Lab runs each day as part of the Kindergarten Program.

Spanish Lessons run every Monday in the 2-5 year old environments.

Having a focus on Spanish and South American culture, whilst in cooperating the beautiful language through music, song and stories. Greeting, colours, numbers and animal form part of this learning along with cooking.

The children love to greet each other by saying ‘Hola.’

Yoga lessons a provided on Tuesdays in our 2-5 year old environments. Miss Hayley has a focus on mindfulness, whilst incorporation stretching and breathing exercises.

This is an opportunity for the child to have a connection to mind, body and soul.

Bringing calmness and relaxation to the child, helps their ability to learn.